SCALE Vocal Trust


SCALE Vocal Trust is a charity that was launched in June 2010. 

Our purpose is to benefit gifted young singers in need of financial assistance at the very start of their formal training in classical singing.

As well as being a musical term, the word ‘Scale’ is Italian for ‘Steps’ – and one of the most important steps a young singer takes is to audition for a place at a Music College.

The preparation for auditions and the application process is costly for the prospective student. Each Conservatoire charges an audition fee and, typically, a student would apply to a number of different colleges to maximise their chances of being offered a place in what is a highly competitive selection process.

This considerable financial outlay could discourage a gifted student from taking an important step towards a career in music – SCALE exists for those students who would otherwise not be able to apply. SCALE gives grants to cover audition costs and also to cover expert tuition to prepare for those auditions.

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